Job Description:

Key Responsibilities

Reporting to the Department’s Head (Supply Operations), the executive assistant will:

  • Be responsible for time schedule and management on behalf of the Department’s Head to include effective prioritizing and resolving related conflicts and competing demands;
  • Provide substantial support to the Department’s Head including proactive preparation and coordination of briefings for meetings, coordinate follow-up actions;
  • Serve as first point of contact and liaison with clients and officials both inside and outside the Secretariat; Effectively provide general research support and utilizes all relevant computer software to retrieve, maintain and manipulate data as needed;
  • Ensures quality of documents requiring the approval and/or signature of the Department’s Head;
  • Keeps others informed by providing relevant information, reports or status updates; Supports and works collaboratively with members of the immediate work team as well as with others in diverse work groups/teams/task forces, across the Secretariat & OIG office;
  • Accountable for the smooth operation of the office support work and related systems within the Office and assuming primary responsibility for organizing and coordinating workflows;
  • Works with the highest level of discretion in providing wide-ranging executive assistance support, setting and managing priorities and the workflow of the Department’s Head, as well as administrative coordination within the Department;
  • Routinely involved in relaying/processing/handling information of the most sensitive, diverse and confidential nature.

Application deadline: 30/09/2021

Apply for this opportunity by sending your CV to cv.tgf@procadres.com