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Role summary

The Manager, Marketing and Creative Direction, establishes and leads a dynamic, creative and highly coordinated cross-functional team that is primarily focused on influencing external audiences to achieve positioning, influencing and resource mobilization objectives in an increasingly challenging funding environment. The Manager is accountable for strengthening the Global Fund brand and delivering inspiring content and creative activations that prioritize engagement; conceptualizing and executing high profile global campaigns; and influencing audiences through a range of donor-driven PR strategies that leverage multiple channels (-social media, traditional media), influencers and events to maximize visibility and engagement with the Global Fund.

As a senior member of the External Relations and Communications team, and reporting to the Head, Communications, the Senior Manager strategically oversees and elevates the capability of the Global Fund in the following areas:

  • The Creative Design Studio – develops inspiring audiovisual content, branded products and marketing collateral in line with brand standards
  • Marketing – strengthens and promotes the Global Fund brand; develops marketing tools to strengthen donor pitches
  • Campaigns and events – creates and executes priority campaigns leveraging multiple channels and influencers to generate public exposure and delivers major public events and conferences in alignment with the Global Fund brand

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Application deadline: 31/08/2021

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