Job Description:

Role Summary

The security Team provides appropriate information and measures for staff safety and security and support the HR Department for health and safety at work.

As part of this mandate, the security team is highly critical to safeguarding the organization and its staff both at the Global Health Campus (GHC) and when travelling on mission, particularly at times of increasing threats in ensuring that adequate security and safety policies and procedures are in place and implemented in order to minimize risks and liabilities for the organization.

Under the oversight of the Senior Security Officer, the Security consultant is responsible for providing support to ensure that the organization applies best standards and processes in respect to Duty of Care vis-à-vis its staff and the protection of the organization in relation to the new ways of working in a post Covid-19 environment

This function falls under the Global Fund obligation to build a broad culture addressing the health, safety, security and well-being of employees and other related collaborators to the business. To do so, the organization is expected to develop and deploy appropriate travel risk management approaches to protect people from possible harm.

Application deadline: 20/10/2021

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